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The Unofficial Greek
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Paul Trevillion - The Master of Movement

7 lessons today’s footballers can learn from Roy of the Rovers

1954-2014: 60 years Roy of the Rovers

Barrie Tomlinson remembers Roy of the Rovers Christmas past

Roy of the Rovers stuff...literally

RotR artist Joe Colquhoun Interview

Football may regret lost values of Roy Race and the comic book heroes 

Among Friends' blog is sponsored by … Roy of the Rovers  

 Dusting Off : Roy of the Rovers, 20th March 1993

The 10 best comic book footballers

"Να γίνουμε σαν τον Ρόυ"!!! 

Roy of the Rovers in Greece

Football Comics

Profiles Of the Great and Good: Roy Race

Roy of the Rovers - a lesson in fair play?

The rise and fall of the great British football comic

Back to the future: How comic book heroes came to life in the Premier League

What 'Roy of the Rovers' means to me

Roy Race A Brief History by Mark Towers

Roy of the Rovers and me

Εγώ πάντως Ντέιβιντ μεγάλωσα με τον Ρόι Ρέις…

Αφιερωμένο σε οσους μεγάλωσαν με το Μπλεκ


Ρόϋ Ρέης, ο λατρεμένος παλιόφιλος της εφηβείας μας


Κόμικς και αθλητισμός: Η απόλυτη σύνδεση!

Craig Bellamy can be Cardiff City’s ‘Roy of the Rovers’

Icons of England : Roy of the Rovers

Profiles Of The Great And Good: Roy Race, Its Real Roy of the Rovers Stuff Here...

Roy of the Rovers fans from all over the world

Ρόυ Ρέης

Roy of the Rovers profile: All you need to know about the classic football comic

Race against time!

Roy of the Rovers

Come On You Rovers!

Small Talk: Roy Race

Who can remember Roy of the Rovers?

The Great Melchester Massacre

A nostalgic tribute to Roy of the Rovers

Can you remember Roy of the Rovers?

They think it's all over – but not for Racey

Το Αγόρι, το Μπλεκ και μια σοκολάτα...

O Roy της Melchester

He shoots ... he scores!

David Sque interview

O Ρόυ και ο Μπεν δεν μένουν πια εδώ...

Συνέντευξη με τον εκδότη του "Best of Roy of the Rovers"

Melchester Rovers - Η ομάδα του Roy Race

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