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Δευτέρα, 23 Φεβρουαρίου 2015

David Sque's message to Greek RotR fans!

Concerning the current run of Roy of the Rovers strips in the Greek monthly 'Blek' magazine, starting with the Rovers' visit to Crete in the Summer of 1980, David Sque took the time to write a message to my friend's Nikos Nikolaidis Greek RotR blog. Here's what the great artist wrote:

Hi lads,

I first started to draw Roy in Tiger magazine in 1974. After I took over and changed his look and he became more popular and IPC Magazines decided to bring out his own paper called Roy of the Rovers. I enjoyed illustrating Roy's adventures on and off the pitch and I have fond memories of my time drawing him. He became England's National Comic book hero in the 1980's and I was very proud. 

My editor was a great guy called Ian Vosper and he went on holiday to a Greek island and fell in love with the receptionist, Irini, who I think was the owner's daughter. He brought her back to England and married her. He got together with Roy's script writer and wrote the episodes of the team's visit to Greece. This was fun for me to do as I went to Greece many times in the early seventies and it became my favourite place in the World. I love the people's hospitality and made many Greek friends.

Apart form beautiful Athens, I went to many Islands, including Rhodes, Cos and Corfu but my favourite was Skiathos. I would have loved to have moved there in 2001 but I needed a good ADSL service for my work which it didn't have then and it was quite a trip for my boys to visit me. That is why I ended up living on the Costa del Sol here in Spain.

Best Wishes.


Have a look at Nikos' blog here and David's Face book profile here!

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