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Τρίτη, 16 Φεβρουαρίου 2010

Roy of the Rovers fans from all over the world

Nowadays the comics are vastly different and I for one prefer the older style. I wish they would recommence the stories or else reprint the old ones again. I went onto the website, Impressive. It would be nice to have photo's of the issue or else I would like to know a bit more about the contents within the issue - Nipper transfers to Melchester, Roy plays for England, Last ever Jack and Jimmy story type of thing. Thank you for the work in putting it together.

I collected Roy of the Rovers comic and Tiger and Roar upon graduating to older comics from Beano when I was 13. Being a football fanatic I read any comic with a football story. My favourite was Roy of the Rovers (the story) and Nipper. My collection of Roy of the Rovers continued until I migrated to Australia in 1985. I continued to get the comic posted to Oz from UK by my mum for a few months but the cost was a bit excessive. I then got the local newsagent to order it for me, however it came out sea freight and was 3 months out of date. About the final 2 years of its existence it arrived in Oz by air freight and I got it from the news agency once a week and up to date. I also became an avid webpage viewer, and still am.

I remember (and still retain) the first ROTR that I purchased in 1969 where Rovers signed the west Indian winger Vernon Elliot from Stanport. My favourite character in ROTR was Jimmy Slade until his fateful demise in the Basran disaster, Nat "Granddad" Gosden and in the later period of it's existence Terry Spring and Kevin Clark. I liked the stories that started out as their own and then integrated with Roy of the Rovers - Johnny Dexter (Hard Man), Rapper Hardisty (Loudmouth), Kevin Clark (Clark's Chance) and also stories where other stars of their own story line met Rovers in the cup (Mike Williams, City).

My favourite characters all had a bit of a rebel streak but were very professional and born winners. They did not accept second best. I wish real football had more of these characters rather that the money grabbing type that personify the game now - not that I wouldn't turn down 60,000 pounds a week! I liked to keep details of players like their age, family, girlfriend, other jobs, international caps etc. This made them seem more real life.

My other favourite was Nipper - Nipper Lawrence who was of the same character as my favourites in ROTR and about my age as well. He also came into ROTR when he played for England under Roy Race in 1978. My only frustration of the story was I never knew his Christian name - he was always Nipper. I followed his story line in Score and then Tiger until his final years when he was player/manager of Blackport Rovers.

When I migrated to Australia I had to give away my entire collection of comics, which was a terrible shame. I did stuff into my suitcases one copy of all the different magazines I read - Eagle, Hurricane, Valiant, Victor, Roy of the Rovers, Tiger, Shoot, Match. Since I remarried my partner surprises me at birthdays and Christmases with a Roy of the Rovers Annual which she purchases through eBay. I have a collection of about 20 now, which I am very proud of. She has also purchased the playing strip, a commemorative mug, a Subbuteo team - all in Melchester Rovers colours. She is Australian and had never heard of any of it before she met me but she knows the story line very well now. She even knows Roy race's wife (now deceased) is Penny!!

As a youngster I used to keep lists of all the English players from all the stories that where inter linked and pick my alternate England side. I'm sure they would have gone well in the world cup if they were real!

Hopefully more and more people will get involved in the comic scene and we can relive our childhood’s again!

Patrick Mills, Australia.

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